Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Susie and Paul - Carbisdale Castle

Another wedding at the great Carbisdale Castle, near Ardgay in Sutherland. I really like weddings here because there's a lot of character in the place. Susanna Gunn and Paul Mackay chose this venue for their wedding. Susannah is originally from Brora and Paul from Durness, and they now live in Northern Ireland. It was a great day apart from a few occasional rainshowers and I really enjoyed this one! Lots of fun all day and just the kind of atmosphere you hope for at a wedding.

Nicola and Richard 17th October

Mackays Hotel in Wick was the venue for this great wedding. Nicola Ward and Richard Byrne from Broadhaven Road in Wick were the happy couple and Richard was absolutely gobsmacked by the whole thing. In fact, he was absolutely....gobsmacked. (Sorry Richard :-) )
Thanks to George Sutherland for his help with the venue. Once I suggested the Pulteneytown Distillery, he was onto the case and got it set up. It was a great venue (George's idea really to be fair) and I wonder how long before certain other photographers are trying to get in there.

Amanda & Matt Post Wedding Shoot

Before leaving Skye and it's unfriendly wildlife behind I had a post wedding shoot with Amanda and Matt. It was a great day again albeit a bit cold for going in the water!

Highland Coo Update

Thanks To David Simm of the SWPP for this latest image of my friend...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Highland Coo

(That's Highland Cow to non-Scottish folk)
On my way back to my hotel after Amanda and Matt's wedding and came round a corner to confront a giant black Highland Coo right in the middle of the road! Swerved to avoid it but lost my passenger side wing mirror and ended up off the road. Could have been much worse though. There were 3 or 4 of them wandering about and this one was just standing right there in the road on a bend. Very dangerous! My poor new car has now managed to clock up almost 13,000 miles in twelve weeks and has been attacked my this monster.

11th October Skye

I travelled over to Skye for this wedding at the Duisdale House Hotel near Sleat. Beautiful venue and very nice people working there - definitely worth a vist - I'll be going back! Food was beautiful too!
Getting married were Amanda Kemp originally from Banff and Matt Hale-Smith. I was worried about the weather having done summer weddings in Skye! Apart from a few showers of rain it was a stunning day and allowed us to get almost all the photography done outdoors, which was a real bonus. The evening ended with a really great firework display. I had a fantastic day and it was a load of fun.

Taste Of Caithness & Sutherland Event

Mackay's Hotel in Wick was the venue for the Taste Of Caithness & Sutherland Event recently. I had the job of photographing all the suppliers for the brochure and marketing materials which was great fun.
On the day the event went well - totally astonished by the cooking demo by Tom Kitchen though, who shocked most people present by making a meal from the insides (and ears) of a pigs head. I found it quite disgusting to be honest and have no idea why anyone would pay top money to eat leftovers which should be in the bin! I guess he is trying to use controversy and shock factor to attract people to his restaurant but I won't be going!!

Don't click these thumbnails if you are an animal lover!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Apologies to anyone who has been trying to call my office phone recently - BT problem with the changeover at the business centre. I now have a new telephone number and the good news is you can call FREE now!

New number for all enquiries is 08000 69 91 69

Sorry for any inconvenience recently.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More Telephone Problems

My office number is out of use again if anyone is trying to call me. Something to do with the changeover of Naver's phone system to BT. Hopefully I will have my number back up and running soon, or I may actually have to have a new number. Watch this space for details. In the meantime please call my mobile 07789 557586 or email me with any enquiries. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Kirsty and Chris

Yesterday I had the wedding of Kirsty Bisset and Chris Forde, who stay in Dundee. Kirsty is from the Inverness area, and the wedding was at Killearnan Church, Muir of Ord, with the reception at the lovely Achnagairn House, Kirkhill, near Inverness. Kirsty got ready at her parents lovely house at North Kessock, where we got some pictures of the preparations before leaving (pretty late Kirsty tut tut) for church. It wasa horrendous morning but when we got out of church it was nice although a bit cold (so I'm told anyway) so we were fortunate enough to get outside for some pictures which I didn't expect earlier!! Achnagairn is a great venue and has no many opportunities for photography. Really enjoyed myself so thanks to Kirsty and Chris for being such good fun.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

SWPP Competition

Overall a poorer month this month, although some of the scores were a bit strange I feel.
I did get one gold, from Sunday's shoot in fact - Isla's second appearance here!! No spade this time though!